What the fuck?!

I could make with the pretty words, but really what’s going on is that I’m building a making room and presently too tired/lazy to actually go and do any of the heavy lifting. Ergo, start the blog I keep talking about.

So what is a making room? (she typed, stalling further.) A making room is, I guess, what happens when someone decides they don’t need one of the rooms in their house and turns it into a room in which to make stuff. In my case, “one of the rooms in their house” is the dining room, and “stuff” is weird shit.

Stuff left to do includes such scintillating tasks as getting rid of the enormous amount of spare cardboard (fire, yay!), moving the remaining boxes of art supplies around in the most ineffectual manner available, building some furniture and then unpacking the aforementioned boxes.Unpacking. Beastly.

Anyway, the plan for this blog (which was the original point of this post, conveniently forgotten in the interest of delaying the moment when I really do have to grab my crutches and go do some work) is to chronicle some or all of my making projects.

Yep, I’ve stretched this just about as far as I can… Guess I’d better hop to it. Talk soon!

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