Welcome to the Robotorium

So who the fuck needs a dining room, right? No one, that’s who. Maybe the queen, she needs room for all those corgis I guess. But I don’t, and neither do my kids, so we decided to turn ours into a making room instead.

We called it the Robotorium, due to a family obsession with robots, and this week I decided to turn it from a room absolutely stuffed with boxes into an actual room in which we can make weird shit – as we are wont to do.

Background: being a knobhead just before Christmas netted me a broken ankle, and a few weeks ago I almost died from sepsis, so on top of being disabled all the time I have been struggling to make things on a multitude of levels. So this was a big challenge, riddled with frustration at my limitations (both usual and additional).

I don’t appear to have a proper ‘before’ photo, but this was what it looked like after we built two 8-cubby Kallax cabinets from IKEA. A lot of shit, absolutely everywhere. Disaster.

So I cut up the cardboard for fire (I still have an enormous amount of cardboard left – tomorrow will be fire day).

Fire good. Fire safety probably worth looking into sometime, too.

It took me a week (cutting up cardboard as I went) but tonight, I finished it (barring the fires and the 3 boxes of kids’ books awaiting payday when I’ll get the kids their own bookcases).

Books, making supplies in the black boxes, and a cardboard box for undercoating. Cardboard boxes are perfect for spraying undercoat, guys. I use an old towel to avoid spray coming through the cracks, and store it and the spraypaint in the box when not in use. The fact that the box fits perfectly into a cubby just pleases me. Also please note my ancient sewing machine, may she live forever.

The table isn’t as big as I’d like, but since we have a very rambunctious kitten we can’t leave projects out anyway so it’s all good.

Big old whiteboard, with a lovely bit of decoration and my 8-year-old’s plans for a solar-powered helicopter. He is so quick to use spaces for his plans for world domination…

One of the cubbies is left empty so Weasel can open it and crawl in, which is something a reasonable adult human being would do.

There’s even a place for my guitar… I sat here for hours tonight, feeling my broken ankle complain and wishing I’d been able to fill my prescription for painkillers today… But also looking forward to starting my next project tomorrow.

So… Welcome to the Robotorium. This is where most of the magic happens, along with a large percentage of the injuries.

Gotta take the rough with the smooth.

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